The loan benefits of living in a Rural Community- Middleton, ID


Hello Middleton,
With the housing market continuing to increase, the influx of people steadily moving into our community, and lower interest rates still in effect you may be thinking it might be the right time for you to jump into this thing called “homeownership.” You may
also be wondering about the best way to purchase a home before the interest rates, and the cost of homes exceeds your ability to buy. One of the many nice things about living in Middleton is that we are considered a rural community.
Because of this, a person can purchase in Middleton or the surrounding smaller towns and take advantage of a zero percent down payment, Rural Development or RD loan from the USDA.
If you haven’t heard of this type of loan, you should ask a local mortgage lender or bank about this loan program. Once you have made contact, the mortgage professional will be able to guide you through the free pre-qualification process and let you know if this loan would be an option for you.
The key features and requirements of a Rural Development (USDA) loan are:
1. You have the option of a 30–year fixed interest rate.
2. You can finance 100% of your home with no down payment required.
3. There is no monthly mortgage insurance.
4. The home must be owner-occupied, not an investment home.
5. There is a small fee as well as an income eligibility cap to qualify.
If purchasing a home is something that you have been considering or if you know someone thinking about buying or selling a home, please call your local real estate agent. If you do not have an agent,
please feel free to contact our real estate team. We can answer your questions and guide you thru the steps you need to take to make the dream of owning a home come true for you. Our real estate team can also recommend several mortgage brokers and see if an RD loan might be the right fit for you!
Have a great month Middleton, and I hope to see all of you around town soon!
Deanna Hancock- CRS, SRS

Kardia Team
Genesis Real Estate Group



Monthly Column in Middleton Gazette

Hello Middleton,

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I am Deanna Hancock, a Realtor who has been practicing real estate in Middleton and the Treasure Valley for the past 17 years. I am an Idaho native and have called Middleton my home since 2001.  I will be writing each month to keep you informed about the real estate market in Middleton and the surrounding areas, as well as to share real estate related information with you. I hope you find my articles interesting and informative.  You may also email me questions to I will do my best to add it to the next issue when possible.

If you have been thinking about selling your home soon, the market wants you!  With inventory at records lows, it is considered a seller’s market with less than two months of inventory currently available in Middleton. Low inventory will keep the prices going up this year.  The total properties for sale in Middleton the first part of March was 73 homes. This statistic includes every home regardless if it is in a community or on acreage.  Middleton has had 53 properties sell since the first of January, and when these stats were pulled in March, there were 68 pending homes.  The average days on the market is 35 so that being said when you are ready to move you might want to know where you are going.  It is a perfect time for those who are moving out of this lovely area but for us that still want to call it home it is a little more difficult!   The new construction market is very strong with much of that being due to the fact people are choosing to build because the options of buying existing homes are so low.  The median price of new construction in Canyon County is $ 236,724.  This price is a 16% change from last month and a 28% increase from the same month last year.

If you are thinking of selling and would like to know what your home is worth, contact a local agent that knows this area and ask them to do a market analysis for you.  The Realtor will pull other homes like yours that have sold in the past six months to see what would be the best price at which to list your home currently.  This process is also the same one an appraiser uses to get the information to assign a value of your home.  Most real estate agents do not charge you for this service, so if you have not looked at your home value for awhile, it may be an excellent time to do so.

Happy Spring and if you just moved to Middleton, Welcome.

Home Remodeling Tips: Cost VS Value

famlyRemodeling can be a great way to add value to your home or real estate investment, but not all improvements are the same.

Some definitely can provide more bang for your buck when it comes to overall value. For instance, exterior projects that add curb appeal routinely have been shown to be great investments for your home. 2011 and 2012 are no different as REALTORS® have recently ranked exterior improvements among the most valuable home investment projects in their Remodeling Cost Vs Value Report.

“This year’s Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report shows the value of putting your home’s best façade forward, so to speak,” said National Association of REALTORS® President Moe Veissi. “Inexpensive exterior replacement projects are not only crucial to a home’s regular upkeep, but are also expected to recoup close to 70 percent of costs. Specific exterior projects such as siding, window and door replacements are part of regular home maintenance, so many homeowners are already undertaking them. These projects also do not require expensive materials and they have the added bonus of instantly adding curb appeal.”

According to the Cost vs. Value, 7 of the top 10 most cost-effective projects nationally in terms of value recouped are exterior replacement projects, with an estimated 78 percent of costs recouped upon resale.

A little work can go a long way toward adding value to your home and improving it for yourself as well! Read the Remodeling Cost VS Value report here or read up on 3 Remodeling mistakes to avoid!

Want to find out your homes current value? Visit our website for a FREE comparative market analysis of your home, or start searching for your next home in Idaho!