Homeplace Happiness

LivingRoomIf you’ve been in your home for some time it is easy to get complacent, or even feel dissatisfied with your environment. Years and years of staring at the same ole thing can really dampen the warm happy place that your home should be. But with Spring comes rebirth and it’s the perfect time to take a look at where you are, whether you are happy there, and make a plan to move forward if you’re not.

Here are a few inexpensive suggestions:

Fresh Paint
Studies have shown that giving rooms a fresh coat of paint can really improve the energy in a space. What’s more by painting a room more consistently with it’s purpose can actually make you happier. Not an expert painter? Maybe just take a weekend giving your bathroom or closet a crisp clean color make over – these smaller spaces provide a great practice run to get your inner Picasso focused.

Let Go
If you aren’t currently using it, fixing it or it’s broken it might be time to toss it. Holding on to items that don’t work and take up space in the hope that you will fix them “one day” generally only leads to clutter. Having unused, or useless, items laying around in a hoard can lead to depression and frustraition any time you try to find something you actually need. Let go of items you haven’t seen or used in more than two years.

Make a List
Lay out the items in your home, habits, or things in your life that you aren’t 100% happy with and think of positive alternatives or actions you can take to change them. Making list of problem areas and solutions can not only help you better visualize which tasks you have ahead of you but also can help you not feel so overwhelmed because you can check these items off one at a time as you go.

Update the Outdoors
Outdoor living spaces are all the rage this year! Get down to the nitty gritty when Spring hits and update your home exterior. There are tons of minor changes that can be made to soup up your home’s curb appeal which will not only help how you feel about your home but also how others see it. Try these quick changes:

Get new house numbers
Get a new door, or paint your existing door.
Get new outside lights
Add a new handle, knocker, or kickplate to the door.
Add or paint shutters

You’ll be amazed how much little changes done to your home’s outside will make you feel better inside!